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Hudson River Athletics
300 Observer Highway
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I want to try it out, but what if CrossFit's not for me?

We're so confident that you'll love it here and get real, see-it-in-the-mirror results that we offer all prospective members a complimentary 1-on-1 consultation. This answers, with no risk and no obligation, your entirely reasonable question: Is Hudson River Athletics for me? 

Where is Hudson River Athletics? 

Located inside the historic Neumann Leather Building.

I'm just visiting Hoboken, but I belong to a CrossFit gym back home. Can I drop in for a class? 

Absolutely!  Each class is $30+tax and you can sign up through our calendar here.

Do I need to "get fit" to start CrossFit?

This is akin to getting rich before you start a job. Just get in here and we'll help you with the getting fit part. 

But I heard CrossFit is really intense. Are you sure I don't need to get in shape first? 

(Silent weeping)... I guarantee we've worked with people who were in much worse shape than you, and to our knowledge they're all still alive and healthier than when they started with us. 

I don't want to "get big." Will CrossFit make me bulky?

Check out the pic below and you can decide. 

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There's about 25 years of CrossFit experience between these ladies and they look pretty good to me!

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