Group CrossFit Classes

This is our bread and butter. Here at HRCF we've created an amazing team atmosphere that makes training fun and helps achieve a fitness level that you didn't think was possible. We have coach to athlete ratio that is almost double the industry standard. This ensures that you are receiving lots of personal instruction and hands on attention every class.


Olympic Lifting

A 90 minute class focused on improving your snatch and clean and jerk. Expect lots of mobility, technique work, and hands on instruction. Previous olympic lifting experience required.


Active Recovery

This is your one stop shop for all things mobility, pre-hab, and rehab. Come on in for some soft tissue work and mobility training. Try not to stay in the pain cave for too long.


Yoga for Athletes

Improve your range of motion, flexibility, and headspace. This class is 180 degree turn from the high intensity environment of our CrossFit classes. Come destress and recover your body and mind.